I have been pondering Judgement lately. The famous quote from the bible about not judging another lest you judge yourself. What does that mean to you? What does it mean to me? Its a big question.

I think there different types of judgment.

* Judging another because of their appearance.
* Judging another because you ‘know’ what they are thinking.
* Judging a whole race, religion etc.
* Judging yourself, your actions, appearance, personality etc.
* Judging another because of their beliefs or actions.
* Judging another because you know your right and they’re not.

The list can go on and on.

I have been thinking about my sister. I do not tell her my spiritual beliefs because I ‘know’ she will judge me. She will think that her spiritual beliefs are correct and that I am misguided and delusional.

But as I continued to think about my sister, I started to judge her. The thought of talking to her was irritating because her beliefs are so dogmatic….you can see where my ego is going with this right?

My judgement moved into pity which boosted my ego. My ego was having a bit of a party because I thought I was so much more spiritually advanced…..hmmm not good 😦

So I distanced myself from these thoughts and stared at them quite boldly. Why was I wasting my thoughts, my energy and my time judging my sister.

If my sister asked me questions about my spiritual beliefs then I would tell her the truth. No matter how uncomfortable the discussion might be or what the repercussions were. However I am never going to sit my sister down and ‘spiritually come out’ to her. A) because I dont want the drama and B) I no longer feel the need for her validation.

So my next step is what CAN I DO?

I know that judging her is a complete waste of my energy, but what can I do instead?

I have decided that when I judge – I will say a quick prayer, affirmation or positive statement. Whenever a judging thought comes up about my sister I will ask “Please take this judging thought from me, My sister is in the perfect place upon her own path and may her next steps forward be graceful.”

How much nicer is that….it is so much better then looking down upon her because I am so much more advanced then her.

I came to another realisation. What if this became something we could practice globally. Lets take a completely radical look at something which triggers alot of people – the current unrest in the middle east with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Everyone dislikes and judges ISIS…they do some very bad things and we react negatively…this is very human and understandable, I am still doing this right this second because they evoke anger in me if I dwell on their actions.

However we can have 10 million people disliking them…but what if they used the above process and when they see them doing something bad. Say a prayer…. 10 million or more people praying for them to value their fellow humans as much as they value themselves. What if we had 100 million people doing this? a Billion?

I have now come to the root of the problem. We are a society which is programmed to judge. It is so common it is like a natural reflex. I have spent two days trying to remember the first time I judged and I cannot, its like judgement has always been a part of my life.

I remember witnessing my family judge others, I remember seeing it on tv but I also remember the feeling of being judged. It was such an icky feeling that as a child I would try my hardest NOT to be judged.

So the real question is – How do we get people to react with positivity and not judgment ? I do not have that answer. However I can say that I am going to try to send positive thoughts, love or prayers instead of judgement.

Because judgement is a complete waste of my energy! I cannot change my sister, my neighbour, my government or ISIS – but I CAN change me!


How do you search for your own truths?


While driving today I heard a discussion on the radio. People were so worried about the community and changing everyone’s views so we were all more nicer to each other.

Yes it was a great ideal and I supported what they were saying. However at the same time I felt like some of the people talking were using their concerns over how to change other people and were not taking the time to change themselves.

I think our ego’s want this. Our ego wants to think that the issues are so BIG and it will be to hard to create change….well I couldnt help but think that real change comes when each of us as an individuals create change within ourselves and then lead by example for others to see.

This is not a new concept, there is hundreds of pages on FB which are probably dedicated to this very idea. What I am curious about is:

“How do we search for our own truths and then make lasting change within ourselves?”

This is not such an easy question to answer, because it has multiple layers to it.

For myself I think I need to firstly become aware that something within me is not resonating as true. Eg – Today I was with a friend who has a child who gets into trouble at school. The teacher came out and start discussing his actions right in front of the child with my friend and then they both talked and acted like he was not there. I was so repulsed. This beautiful child now has a label and they talk about him openly as being difficult and giving him something to identify to. I couldn’t help but wonder – how does he feel?

I think this is the first step of finding my truths – FEELING a strong emotion and my intuition telling me that this isnt right. Yes society might commonly do this and my friend told me it is quite normal in the two schools her kids have gone to. But it is not right for me and is not MY truth.

Now I have options at this point. I can say something to the teacher, I could even tell me friend about my feelings of repulsion. However apart from asking her a few questions I decided to let things go. If I start blaming others I am not really looking within.

I believe the second step is searching within and asking myself WHY did I find this so repulsive. Why do I have such strong reactions when others seem so calm about it.

In regards to today’s situation I thought all the way back to my childhood, I remembered getting a label myself when I was 7…..I was teased about being fat from other kids. I had no idea, no one had ever called me fat before and I didn’t know it was a bad thing. Hell I didnt even know it was a thing.

Now that I know why I was so repulsed, I can make lasting changes within myself. I now have a vivid reminder of how I felt as a child and how powerful words are to such young and vulnerable minds.

The final step for me is asking myself – how can I make a difference?

In this instance I can make sure that I try to practice awareness of my words while talking to children. I can include the child in the conversation so they dont become a him, a her or an it.

I am still pondering about how I find my own truths. One thing I know is that I am doing this all the time, sometimes about small issues sometimes about major social programming.

How do you find your own truths?

What does the Goddess mean to me ? by Patricia Morris Cardona

The Goddess is present in the scent of the Pine that draws me into the forest.

The Goddess is present every drop of Dew that clings to the grass in the morning.

The Goddess is present in the Shimmer of energy rising from the creek during the day.

The Goddess is present in the Spiders Webs that cover the field at dawn.

The Goddess is present in every Child’s Eyes before they learn how to talk.

The Goddess is present in a Lover’s Gaze when love is newly formed.

The Goddess is present in Summers Rain that breaks the drought in August.

The Goddess is present in every Mothers Mind as she prays for her child in war.

The Goddess is present at every Babies Birth and welcomes them in through life’s door.

The Goddess is present when the Old Close Their Eyes and live this life no more.

The Goddess lives in my Heart forever and I thank her for my rebirth.
Patricia Morris Cardona, APRN, BC
Cosmic Mysteries School
Return To Cosmic Consciousness

How do we embody the Goddess by Lancia Hutchinson

 How do we embody the Goddess?

As women we already are the embodiment of the Goddess. All we have to do is to own the word ‘Goddess’ . In this new age and in many books and talking circles the words God/Goddess seem to be avoided. Let us speak about them.

The Goddess has always been, since before life was created.  She is the fabric of the cosmos.  The bible tells us in the book of John. “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the  word was God. Without him was not anything made, that was made.”

So the word, or vibration of God went out, but where did it go? Out into the cosmos where it was received within the potential of the Goddess fabric. When the vibration of the word met with the resistance, a spark was set and the ‘Big Bang’ occurred creating all the elements which became our universe.

Scientists today have found the remnant vibrations left over from that moment. The word or vibration that was and is God had no power until it contacted the Goddess fabric to create form. This is still the potential which brings forth life on our planet. All women, every female of every life form is the embodiment of this Goddess fabric because deep within her form is the potential for creation.

The powerful microscopes we have today allow our scientists and doctors to see the very beginning cells of creation hidden in form. We can picture the dot in the circle as that potential of the Goddess, sleeping there in the protective membrane of the cell. It is only when the membrane is pierced by the male or God energy, that a union can begin and the form  of that life manifest.

As women we therefore embody the Goddess, we carry this sacred fabric of creation within our reproductive cells. Ancient people recognised this even though they did not know the scientific processes involved. The place of the female as the Goddess was revered through ages past. The attributes or powers of the female as Goddess were given names in different cultures.

 We have:

“Aphrodite” – Goddess of Love.
“Sophia” – Goddess of Wisdom.
“Diana”- the Huntress.
“Kuan Yin”- Goddess of Mercy.
Also “Mary the Mother.”

Women today can still call on the names of the Goddess when wanting these powers to be part of their being. However ‘Divine Mother’ holds all these potentials and all women are daughters of the ‘Divine Mother’ and pass these potentials from mother to daughter.

Scientists can now trace our LIGHT through the Mitochondrial genes, thousands of years back to the ‘Mitochondrial Eve’. Simply own the Goddess.  Say your name as Goddess, honour your femininity as a daughter of ‘Divine Mother’, then shine your LIGHT as a Goddess.

Goddess Lancia Hutchinson, Australia.

What does the Goddess mean to me? by Yulan Moon

What does the Goddess mean to me?

I had problems thinking of what to write. Why? I asked myself. Is there such an aversion to the use of “Goddess” within me? I’m sure there is in society for a number of reasons. One probably being negative sexual connotations, but I’m not going there.

This got me thinking about Mary Magdalene, who as far as my intuition goes (and some research), is a “Goddess” or the Sacred Feminine/Female, who has been marginalised, prostituted by men (and probably sadly by some women), for their own power needs. So we may worship the Mother, but a woman standing as an equal to the masculine, to Jesus?

The Macquarie Dictionary says:

goddess, 1. A female god or deity, 2. A woman of extraordinary beauty, 3. An adored woman.

Just as a point of interest, “goddess” was listed in bold, and is listed on it’s own i.e. not just an extra “thought” under the entry for God. But “God” is capitalised!

God: 1. The one Supreme Beig, the creator and ruler of the universe.

Now if God created us in His image. Well then He must have boobs etc. as well! Like Hello! We’re not an aberration or some evil tempterest!

The other aspect, going back to the definition of Goddess (sic) as noted, is this; collectively as woman, I think we still carry generations of psychic, political, religious etc. “insignificance”. I’m not talking about familial love – but maybe this could do with a boost too! If Mothers were truly treated with respect (and maybe as the Goddess of the household) would we have such violence against woman? Isn’t this where it starts?

So now that I got all this out of the way, however briefly, I feel more comfortable with the word. But strangely, feeling around it again, it the word, the concept, feels distant and unobtainable, not something I as a “lowly” woman can attain. Yup, I think I’ve just tuned into the collective consciousness of woman, because truly that is not my belief.

Maybe if I use Sacred Feminine, yes I certainly can identify with, believe in, feel. Yes because that is who we all are as woman! We have forgotten our inner selves. We can live as Masters, Goddesses every day, if we let the ego mind get out of the way. And the collective veil!

Now that is an interesting word to crop up!? Veil?! Is that used to cover up, hide? Yet, when I envision any of the Marys i.e. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the image is one of serenity in a veil? I love that image. Then why do we look askance at our Muslim sisters when they choose to dress so?

The use of “veil” also meaning we block our connection to our true divine heritage. Various religions use a similar description.

So here’s the crunch, the bottom line! God isn’t some old cranky, judgemental man with a beard sitting on some distant cloud! Neither is the Goddess, although I have wondered in the past if She has hairy legs and armpits too!

No for me the Goddess is my best friend (sorry to all my other bestest friends/Goddesses!), my confidante, my comfort. My guiding light within the cells of my being, because I am a woman. She, the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, is the holder of The Way. Jesus Christ’s real message and energy, which is actually living with unconditional love, compassion, kindness, generosity of spirit etc. She is accessable at any time to anyone. You/I don’t have to be “repentant”, sanctified, holier than thou, virginal! Pure, blah blah whatever! She is for us, for everyone. She loves us. She is “there” for us, when we ask, and truly trust and surrender (our ego minds and preconceptions).

So I adore my Beloved Goddess/Sacred Feminine in whatever form She wishes to present Herself. For it is the Essence of Her that is important and supreme.

I could rabbit on about personal experiences etc. but maybe that is my ego jumping in?

My heartfelt gratitude and full love my beloved Goddess.

 Written by Yulan Moon from Western Australia, she is a poet, a writer and a reiki healer.

Where My Goddess Journey Began

Goddess Isis by arawyndesigns


I believe it is time to talk about what Isis means to me and my journey with her. A journey which I am sure has only just begun and will continue for the rest of my years.

In November 2012 I went to have my first Transformational Healing with Heidi Bartz*. I had no idea what to expect but I had this feeling of something important building in the days leading up to my appointment.

I had my eyes shut throughout the experience and I kind of went into a blissful altered state. I am not someone who can easily sit still for over an hour with my mind being quiet. But in this case I completely lost time and it was an amazing.

Isis came.

I remember sitting there and going deeper into my meditative state and Heidi said, “We welcome you Isis and thank you for coming here today.” Or something very similar to this and I just started crying, I couldn’t control it, she was just so beloved to me. I was so overwhelmed with a remembered reverence for Isis and I was so awed and amazed she had come forth. I didn’t know much about Isis and had no expectations going into the healing, but I cannot deny that I felt her loving presence in the room with me.

Afterwards Heidi told me she had seen me as one of seven High Priestess in an Isis Temple and she saw them putting a golden serpent bracelet back on my arm. I was pretty out of it and I am sad to say that I don’t remember everything she told me. The word initiation I remember and that pretty much sums up the next month or so of my life.

After coming away from the healing I was initially confused as to what to expect. Would I suddenly have Isis come and communicate with me? I felt such a close connection to her, just her name could bring a tear to my eye for the few week after. I went through ego doubts and ego emotions where I felt really special… and then I just came back to realising that I still had no idea what Isis meant to me.  I only knew she was important.

For the rest of November I kept running across information about Isis all over the internet and in books. Even in conversation with friends and random people I didn’t know very well. I came to realise Isis was one of the Archetypal Goddess of the Divine Feminine. Yes she was special but only one of many Archetypal Goddesses who are on earth.

This became clearer to me when I went to Singapore a few weeks later. I went into a Kuan Yin Temple and through a funny series of events ended up ‘accidently’ staying in the temple for about 20 mins in which I had nothing to do but meditate.

It was while I was sitting there waiting for friends that I started talking to Kuan Yin in my mind. I thanked her, wished her well and then before I could wonder why – I was blessing her. I kind of froze for awhile and thought what am I doing blessing a goddess of mercy?

But I soon realised this is one step we must all take if we are to understand Oneness. We are one with each other, the trees, the grass, the animals and we are also One with gods, goddesses, angels and devas. It is a scary thought but it is true. I am just as powerful and amazing as Kuan Yin, while I understand this in my head and I sometimes have moments of this realisation in my heart. I have to admit that most of the time I am trapped in the 3D reality which limits myself and puts labels on myself.

After returning to Australia I realised Isis wasn’t asking me to be anything special or new. She wasn’t asking me to change myself and make myself better. Instead the initiation was the realisation that I already embody the aspects of the Divine Feminine. I already embody aspects of Isis.

We all do.

I remember sitting in meditation and telling Isis that I have no idea what she wanted from me but whatever she needed I would do. I surrendered to her and I told her I would just trust all would become clear.

It was two months later when I started to notice the difference and I started to understand what Isis means to me. By asking her for help and surrendering to her, I opened up a part of myself which I was unknowingly keeping closed.

The Divine Mother Aspect/Energies.

Isis is the Goddess of a Ten Thousand Names. But what she is most well known for and what she originally embodied was the Divine Mother. I now have the most amazing relationship with kids, something has happened to me on an energetic level because I get the most amazing hugs from my friends kids. Animals are also feeling connected to me and people or animals who are wounded, feel safe with me. People open up to me and tell me things because on some level they know I am not going to judge them, I think I make them feel safe.

I believe Isis first showed me how to embody and live with the Divine Mother energies which were always within my body. It was once sacred to be a mother but now in society it is considered strange because so many woman have to work as well as be a mum. I feel like the return of the nurturing earth mother in each of us – man, woman and child is so vital at this time. Start by nurturing yourself because this is the first step to opening yourself up to the Divine Feminine.

The interesting thing is I am not a mother but I can still feel soft heart-warming feelings for everyone. I often feel the Divine Mother Energies for men and women, I can feel it for someone in a cafe or in the supermarket.

I believe the Divine Feminine is anchoring back into the planet and it is time to start remembering all aspects of our Divine selves. When I was comfortable with my Divine Mothering Energies, Isis started to initiate me into another aspect of the Divine Feminine and this one took me quite a while to understand, I call it the:

Inner Priestess Aspect/Energies

Since my teenage years, people have come to me and talked about their sexuality, sexual problems or sexual secrets. On some deep level they knew they could talk to me about anything and I wouldn’t judge them. Throughout 2013 an early 2014 this started to get alot more frequent and I would always have some form of reaction afterwards. I would sit and listen carefully and be respectful but afterwards I would either wonder ‘Why me?’ or move into ego and be ‘proud’ about people coming to me.

In May this year I reached a level of deep acceptance. I believe I had a past life as a priestess where people would come and confide in me. I finally accepted this Aspect of myself and I had a series of event where people came to me with personal matters. I was completely detached and just listened and afterwards there was no question of ‘Why me?’ and there was no ego…instead I just felt deeply peaceful. This is one of my roles in this lifetime and it is both easy for me and an honour to serve this way.

I now know I am embodying these aspects of the Divine Mother, one by one so I can fulfill my divine potential. I am currently asking to work on embodying compassion, its a tricky one at times and I am working with Isis, Kuan Yin and Mother Mary. I also believe we learn more then one aspect at a time so who knows what my next realisation will be.

*If you want Heidi’s contact details please email me. She is an amazing and gifted healer who lives in Mullumbimby, Australia but she is able to do distance healings.


What has inspired this website

I recently was guided to start a new website called Embody the Goddess. I was undecided over starting it and I asked spirit to send me a sign. Within days I turned up to a local meditation night and the wonderful and wise woman who was facilitating said – it is important to embody the goddess in your life each day and to build a spiritual discipline.The aim of the website is to help show how many people are incorporating the goddess into their lives and to inspire each other by ‘leading by example‘. I went for coffee recently with a friend and she remarked how you cannot easily find the goddess in mainstream society. You cannot walk into a bookstore and find a goddess section (you might find one or two books) but most likely it has to be ordered over the net.

I have always believed that by simply living our truths we inspire others that there is another way of living. I know that when I started along my spiritual path I deliberately surrounded myself with spiritual people because I needed to be inspired to stay on the path. I would love to create an online supportive space for people, a place which supports the divine feminine as it continues to anchor in.

I invite everyone to answer this question:What does the Goddess mean to me?

Please send your article or blog post to embodythegoddess@gmail.com
You can include a brief bio and your website/FB/blog links if you want to.